Brazilian Brigadeiros


Brigadeiros are a traditional Brazilian treat.

You’ll find them at all birthdays and weddings.

As well as most cafes and shops around the country.

*Funnily enough, the first one we ever had was from Exmouth Market*

The word Brigadeiro is Portuguese for ‘Brigadier’.

Named after a Brazilian politician and Air Force Brigadier, Eduardo Gomes.

He ran for president in 1946.

His tactics were a little unusual for a politician.

He used his looks to try and gain votes from newly allowed female voters.

One of his slogans was “Vote no Brigadeiro que é bonito e é solteiro,”

Meaning “Vote for the Brigadier who is good-looking and single!”

He also held events where he offered a new, tasty treat.

Little fudge balls coated in chocolate sprinkles.

This treat became known as the ‘Brigadiero’.

They won the hearts of people.

But he lost the election.

Today isn’t anyone’s birthday.

And it isn’t anyones wedding.

But it is our last day at the office here in São Paulo.

So we made some Brigadeiros for the team.

To say thank you for everything they’d done for us.

We’ll miss them all very much.


Most recipes use cocoa powder. But we couldn’t find any. So we improvised.

Comments so far include:

“These are reeeally good!” – Feijão

“You made these?” – Eco

“These are reeeeeeeaaally good!” – Feijão

“They have personality!” – Pedro

“These are reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally good!” – Feijão

“These are the best Brigadeiros I’ve ever tasted. And they’re made by a British person!” – Pedro


6 x large squares of dark chocolate. (Like those large flat Lindt bars of dark chocolate)


2 x tablespoons of butter

1 x can of condensed milk

Splash of vanilla extract

Chocolate sprinkles.

Some little cake cases to put them in.


Melt the chocolate (around 40 secs in a microwave).

Pour the melted chocolate and condensed milk into a bowl and mix.

In a non-stick pan, heat the butter on a gentle heat until melted.

Pour in the chocolate and condensed milk mixture.

Stir continuously over a low(ish) heat until the mixture thickens to the point where it stops sticking to the sides of the pan.

Remove from heat.

Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract and mix in.

Grease a container with a little butter, pour in the mixture and leave to cool. (Put in fridge to speed up)

Once cooled, grease your hands a little with butter.

Roll the mixture into little balls and cover in sprinkles.

(Makes around 25).

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