Anyone who’s seen I Know What You Did Last Summer knows the capital of Brazil isn’t Rio.

It’s Brasilia.

A purpose-built city closer to the geographical centre of Brazil.

Designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Fun fact: the head of Fjord here, Claudia Niemeyer, is a relative of the famous architect.

It was built in just 41 months.

The city made international headlines, not just because of how fast it was built.

But because of its remarkable architecture.

No-one had seen anything like Niemeyer’s elegantly whimsical constructions.

They embraced the ideals of modernism, whilst reflecting a very Brazilian seriousness.

(From above, they layout of the city also happens to look like the wings of a plane)

And it wasn’t just the architecture that was impressive.

The city was built to have no divide between rich and poor.

Ministers and workers live in the same buildings, all owned by the government.

Brasilia is a city where people believe that things can be better.

So the next time you’re in a phone-in radio competition.

And they ask you what the capital of Brazil is.

Remember, it’s Brasilia.

It might just save your life.


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