The name’s Azucar. Pao de Azucar.

sugar loaf

Sugar Loaf mountain.

Named after the parcels (or ‘loafs’) sugar was exported in.

You might recognise it as the place they shot the famous cable car scene in Moonraker.

Or where Jason Statham leaps from a cable car onto a hang glider in the opening scene of The Mechanic: Resurrection.

It’s now the best voted tourist attraction in Rio on Trip Advisor.

Not because of Moonraker.

And not because of Jason Statham.

But because of the Olympics.

Organisers wanted a place where people could see out across the city.

So they built beautiful viewing balconies.

On a clear day you can see every part of Rio.

You can see planes landing below you.

You can see Copacabana beach and the Olympic stadium.

And if you look carefully enough, you might even see high-rise window cleaners suspended on the mountain side, preparing for the heights.

They’re just like Jason Statham.

Only without the green screen.

Or a safety mattress to fall onto.



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